Marketing Promotions from American Media & Special Promotions

Have you ever wondered how companies promote contests that offer the chance to win a BIG MONEY Prize? Year after year, American Media & Special Promotions (AMSP) provides this opportunity to thousands of companies by providing a solution that covers the grand prize amount for a fraction of the cost. If there is a winner, AMSP pays the prize! Promotions allow you to exceed your fan’s and sponsor's expectations while maintaining a fixed budget.

What we will provide...

Coverage for events, contests, tournaments, games and other promotional marketing programs, including sports contests, retail contests, traffic driving contests, brand marketing programs and media promotions. You will receive the following turn-key marketing package with each contract we write:

  • PrizeFulfillment Contract
  • Event Checklist
  • Sample Contestant Rules & Regulations
  • One (1) Custom 11” x 17” Register to Win Sign
  • One (1) Custom 2’ x 6’ Banner
  • 24-Hour Customer Service

How our services will “Insure the success of your event”...

AMSP will customize an innovative promotion that meets the needs and objectives of your company. We provide excellent customer service and will make sure all of the details of your promotion are taken care of. In the end you will have an exciting promotion that we guarantee will produce maximum results!

How It Works...

Allow AMSP to figure the odds of you having a winner in a specific contest, event or promotion, and secure the promotionalfulfillment for the prize value of what you wish to give away as the grand prize.

Why It Works...

AMSP is the leader and innovator in providing creative solutions in the promotional risk industry. Twenty plus years of experience and payouts brings both integrity and creativity to every client we service. Our customized products give our clients all they need to stand out in the crowd.