Showroom Promotion Ideas

Drive potential customers into the dealership for a test drive and a chance to win a new car! Promote a the chance to win a new car in your local media! AMSP can help you design a contest that will work best with your target market - we KNOW what works.

Prize Vault - Crack the Safe

AMSP provides a portable plexi-glass safe locked with the grand prize! Contestants enter a lucky combination guess into the digital keypad on the Prize Vault. If they "Crack the Safe" - they win! Or use one of our lucky locks that attaches directly to the vehicle window. A great way to direct attention to a featured vehicle!

N-E-W-C-A-R Dice Roll

AMSP will provide custom dice, spelling "N-E-W-C-A-R" or any other 4 to 6 letter word. Upon completing a test drive, allow the consumer to "roll away" in a new car by rolling all of the winning sides. Perfect for radio remotes and other sales events and a great way to tie in guaranteed prizes and give-a-ways.

Licensed to Win - Match the VIN & Win

Contestants attempt to match the last six (6) digits of their driver's license against the VIN of a featured vehicle. If they match, your contestant wins! Perfect for a weekend sales promotion and EASY to execute!

Scratch Cards

Road to Riches, Key to Win, and, Money Bag versions available. Contestants attempt to scratch the six (6) winning symbols to win. Second chance surfaces can be used to award sponsor prizes.

Direct Mail Contests

Increase your response rates on your direct mail campaigns with a custom direct mail contest from AMSP. Mail to residents within a geographical region and invite them to visit the sales event with their mail piece for the chance to win.