Other Sports Promotion Ideas


The Race Ticket:

Have contestants submit their prediction of the Top 4 or 5 Finishers prior to the start of the designated race. If any of the selected fans correctly predict the exact outcome of the designated race, they race away with the grand prize!

Choose The Champ:

If any lucky contestant can predict the CHAMPION (first place finisher only) of the final 10 NASCAR races of the season, prior to the beginning of the season, they race away the grand prize winner!


Flatbed Soccer Kick:

Contestants attempt to kick a soccer ball into the back of a truck – if the ball stays in, they win!

Target Kick:

Have contestant attempt to kick a soccer ball through a target opening. If they successfully make the kick, they win the grand prize!

Golden Goal:

If a player on the home team scores a goal at the exact predetermined time during the designated half, a lucky fan wins big!


Target Serve:

Contestants attempt to serve a volleyball into a target hole. If a lucky contestant serves an ace, they go home a winner!


Horseshoe Toss

Randomly selected contestants receive one underhanded toss in an attempt to get the horseshoe inside the target barrel. If the horseshoe falls to the bottom of the barrel, they win!

Horse Racing

Win, Place, Show:

Lucky finalists randomly select 3 horses racing in the designated race. Contestants pick 3 Ping Palls from a container and if their 3 horses come up Win-Place-Show – they win the grand prize!


Looking to add more excitement to your fishing tournament? Whether you want to break state or world records, or match weight, AHNO has you covered. Call for more details!


Target Toss:

Randomly select a finalist to come down to the field. If they can successfully shoot a lacrosse ball through the target opening, they score the grand prize!