Weather Sales Promotion Ideas

Weather Sales Promotions are an effective marketing tool offering businesses the ability to create marketing campaigns surrounding weather perils. Turn the weather into a promotional marketing partner that attracts customers, drives sales and creates great PR opportunities.

How Do Our Weather Sales Promotions Work?

If a certain weather event occurs on a predetermined day, consumers receive a full or partial refund on all purchases made during the defined promotion period.

Choose the sales date(s), weather peril (snow, rain, heat) of choice, weather promotion date(s), and estimated sales amount, and let American Media & Special Promotions do the rest!

Look at what Weld County Garage Owner, Lee Yoder, had to say about our weather promotions:

Choosing to activate a weather promotion with American Media & Special Promotions (AMSP) has turned out to be a great decision for our dealership. AMSP's staff provided GREAT service and guidance to our team throughout the process. We sold lots of cars and our hope is that come Memorial Day, all of our customers who bought a car will be driving it in the rain! Because of our latest success and past experiences we will continue to use AMSP and we will gladly recommend them to others.
Lee Yoder - Owner, Weld County Garage