Million Dollar Promotions

Adding a promotion with a BIG MONEY prize is guaranteed to generate excitement to your event! Here are some of our Million Dollar Contest Ideas:

Million Dollar Match

Contestants attempt to match the last six (6) digits of their license against the VIN of a featured vehicle. If they match, your contestant wins!  This promotion is perfect for a weekend sales promotion and EASY to execute!

Million Dollar Shots

Enhance your tournament with the most exciting shot in golf - a $1,000,000 shot! It's an experience every golfer will remember, and your sponsors and participants will love the excitement.

Million Dollar Prize Vault

AMSP provides a portable plexi-glass safe locked up with $1,000,000! Listeners enter their lucky combination guess into the digital keypad on the Prize Vault. If they "Crack the Safe" - they win the cash!

Million Dollar Music Pay-off

Invite lucky listeners to your VIP listener party or event. Each listener will rank their favorite 8 songs on the station's playlist. If any listener creates the winning playlist in correct order - they win the grand prize!

Money Bag Millionaire

Register listeners on air for the chance to grab $1,000,000! Display a pile of money bags stuffed with prize certificates at a VIP listener party or event. Each lucky finalist will pick one money bag and win the cash inside. Every money bag is a winner - and one money bag contains $1,000,000!

Roll A Million

AMSP provides custom dice with your station and sponsor logos. Every finalist will throw the custom printed dice. If any finalist throws a winning roll, they roll away with $1,000,000! (Regular or Jumbo Dice available.)

The Birthday Game

Announce a lucky month on the air, and take the 10th caller born in that month. If the caller's birthday matches the winning day and year - they win Big Money! Award bonus prizes to listeners who match the winning month and day.